“Therapist in your organization, and I cannot begin to tell you how extraordinary she is. Today, she brought a list she suggests I should show to my doctor. Some of the things she proposes are additional vitamins. Other things she discusses are side effects of some medications. She is no way prescribes, what she suggests is that I should show the list to my doctor. No therapist in my experience has taken this amount of care.”

I am writing this letter to thank you and to let you know what a pleasure it was to have L. as my physical therapist, during my stay in New York at my son’s home.

When I first met L, I immediately was impressed with her confidence in assessing my needs and making me aware of her plan to help me with relief of my pain. This left me confident she was going to be able to help me and that was very comforting. In my opinion, L is a 10+ on each of the categories of her assessment.

I would recommend L and OUTREACH to other individuals who need specialized and caring health therapy. I am able to go home to Virginia, knowing that I am much better and aware of the proper excerises I need to do to continue the good work L did for me.

I sincerely thank you.

Warmest Regards,


“Working in homecare has been surprisingly rewarding in that it allows me the freedom to adjust my schedule and provide extra therapy to patients when needed and hence, I never lose focus of why I became a speech pathologist in the first place, to help those with speech, language, and swallowing difficulties. When providing therapy from homes you get to see how your patient lives and what their needs are so that therapy can reflect true goals that’ll improve a person’s independence and quality of life. Although the organization continues to grow, what I like most about working for Outreach Rehab is that it has all the care and personality of a small company.”

Hi Dr.K,
I have been meaning to drop you a note to say thank you. Sorry it took me so long. The Physical Therapist who comes to my house twice a week is wonderful. Her name is Nelly G. My balance has definitely improved since I have been working with her….also my walking. I am getting closer to my goal of just using a cane. I was in to see Dr. Sylvester for a checkup this week and he commented that my balance had improved.
Thank you for the recommendation to have PT at home and, if you had anything to do with sending Nelly, double thank you.
Best regards,